An alternate history thriller being published by Moonshine Cove and due to appear in October 2016.

Comments on Payback include:

"a first-rate thriller" (James Thayer, Author of "S-Day")

"Payback is a great read with an amazing plot that kept me always wanting more. It's a great story about Hitler, Mussolini, gangsters and an FBI agent that held my interest till the end. It kept me guessing how things would turn out," (David Avoura King, Author of "Hitler Out of Time")

"A thrilling new entry in the genre of alt-history. In Payback, a successful assassination of Hitler gives Mussolini a frighteningly real chance at world domination. Real historical figures blend seamlessly with fiction ones, and everyone is believable," (Sandra Saidak, Author of "From the Ashes")

"Payback is a fascinating alternative history which turns what we know of World War Two on it's head. Gangsters and Hitler - what could go wrong? Read Payback to find out!" (James R Benn, Author of "Rag and Bone,")

"Michael FitzGerald’s 'Payback' links two worlds of evil and takes us into the heart of both, while at the same time accomplishing the difficult feat of getting us to root for one of the more ruthless killers America has produced. Bugsy Siegel, a hitman for the American Mafia, and Luigi Carmona, a far less psychotic but no less competent killer, travel to Mussolini’s Rome before the outbreak of World War Two on a mission of assassination. They play a cat−and−mouse game with both Rome’s police and warring factions of the Italian Mafia. And they change history, transforming a page−turner of a thriller into an alternate history novel that asks us whether great men control history or if they are controlled by it. I was left hoping for a sequel that will play out in the alternate−history world that Bugsy and Luigi have created," (David Dvorkin, Author of "Budspy,")

"Adolf Hitler has been assassinated in many novels; but this one is different. A government-sanctioned Mafia hit squad travel to Italy to perform the dirty deed...
But nations that play chess with world leaders should beware; toppling the King may just be the beginning...
The author's personal insight makes Payback a great novel of what might have been. (Ian Hall, Author of the Avenging Steel series).