Unsolved Mysteries of World War Two

Unsolved Mysteries of World War Two deals with a wide range of topics. Did a German woman pilot fly to New York and Michigan? Why did two German submarines disappear for two months after the end of the war before finally surrendering – to Argentina?

What is the truth about the 1939 bomb plot in the Munich beer cellar that came within minutes of assassinating Hitler? Who killed the Dutch resistance fighters in the Velser Affair?

What happened during the Battle of Los Angeles when considerable military activity took place against what was wrongly believed to be Japanese aircraft? What was the truth about these mysterious events?

The war saw looting on an epic scale with the whereabouts of many of these “lost treasures” still unknown. The famous “Amber Room” presented to Peter the Great by the King of Prussia vanished at the end of the war. Was it destroyed by bombing and shelling, stolen by the Nazis or stolen by the Russians? The whereabouts of the Nazi “blood flag” and Hitler’s globe – immortalized by Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator – remain unknown.

Nazi gold reserves held by the Reichsbank were also looted by different people and groups, including the SS, the Red Army and the US military. Their present location is unknown.

The World Trade Fair in 1940 saw a mysterious explosion which killed two policemen. The responsibility for planting the bomb has never been satisfactorily established.

While dealing with many incidents of major importance Unsolved Mysteries also examines more “minor” events during the war. There are still mysteries about many aspects of the Second World War that remain unanswered. In some cases probable explanations exist but some secrets have never been revealed. The truth about them may never be known.